Judging Process

All liquids entered will be sent to an independent judging panel and there is a three-stage process to select the winner.

Round One
The first round is a blind taste test. All of the liquids will be tested by a standard mod and set to the same conditions as directed by Vapouround magazine.
Each juice will be tested by our judges blindly and scored out of 10. The juices with the highest average points score from the judging panel will be put through in each category.
The judges will initially know the category that the juice has been entered into but will have no more information than that.
From here the judges will look at whether or not the branding is aimed at over 18’s. For example the use bright colours and cartoon-style marketing to attract kids is one criteria that may be used.
The containers will be assessed to see if they are child proof and whether or not there is any leakage.

Round Two
The second stage is the compliance stage. Should your juice be shortlisted, you will be asked to provide information about the test results your e-liquid and the grade of nicotine which is used and show that your juice meets the relevant compliance standards in the countries in which it is sold. You will need to provide evidence that the juice is manufactured in an ISO level clean room and the judges may require further information on rare occasions.
Shortlisting will take place from the 12th March and any juices arriving after this time will not be judged.
Between the 12th March and the 12th April we will need you to supply details outlined above.
Wherever possible we request information be made available within 48 if we have not heard from you in this time, we assume that you are not willing to progress further and we may remove you from the judging process.
It is your responsibility to get the information to us by the cut off date.

Round Three
This is the final stage of the judging process. The remaining juices will be blind taste tasted again by our panel of judges to determine the finalists in each category and the winners will be announced at our Awards Ceremony at the NEC.