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These are decided in a blind taste test by independent judges

The very best menthol or coolant-based e-liquids available. Any blend featuring mint, menthol or other coolant is eligible

Any blend that incorporates a tobacco element should be submitted here. Fruit or dessert tobacco blends are welcome

CBD is undeniably a substantial part of our industry now. This category will act as a showcase for the best CBD isolate and full spectrum products

All dessert-based submissions should be entered for this category. This includes confectionery, bakery, dairy and cereal profiles

All blends that are designed to emulate beverages can be entered here. This category is open to all beverages including soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and tea/coffee

Fruit-based e-liquids should be submitted here. Please note that if fruit is not the main element of your e-liquid, another category may be more appropriate

We cannot ignore the huge rise in popularity of salt nicotine products. All salt-based e-liquids are eligible for this category, regardless of flavour profile

These are decided by independent judges

This category is open to all regulated devices, regardless of feature set or value

Previously Best Mech Mod, this category is now open to all devices that do not allow the user to change power output, including MOSFET, SWITCHFET

To reflect changing tastes in devices, we have decided pod systems need their own category. All pod systems are eligible, including refillable systems, and devices which allow the user to change coils

Tank of the year is open to all tanks which are compatible with stock coil heads, i.e. those which users simply screw into place. Sub-ohm and MTL tanks are both eligible for submission

A new category to recognise advanced atomisers, which continue to grow in popularity. This category is open to all forms of rebuildable atomisers, including RDAs, RTAs, RDTAs

By popular demand, we’ve introduced the Best Accessory award. We’re talking coils, battery wraps, drip tips, cotton, tank bands, mod cases, whatever makes your vape experience better.

These are decided solely by a public vote online

Historically one of the most coveted awards. Here we celebrate one single juice of the year, voted for by the vaping public

Highlighting the hard work and community outreach done by vape shops. The vaping public decide which shop is their favourite

The vaping public vote for a company that is not only highly successful but a fantastic ambassador to the vape industry

Public figures within the vaping industry are eligible for this category. Whether they represent the right to vape, lead a community, or educate the public, all are welcome for nomination

The vaping public decide on their favourite vape exhibition

Product reviewers are eligible for this category. Whether it’s video reviews, written reviews or technical analysis, this is the place to nominate those who guide consumer choice

These are decided by Vapouround

Our team travel the world to attend the very best trade shows. For this reason, we internally vote upon stands which are particularly well designed

As an industry magazine, we are constantly striving to find and work with new brands. This award celebrates those who have made great progress in a short space of time

In this young and creative industry, many brands work hard to create a unique and meaningful presence in the community. This award celebrates those who go the extra mile to achieve this.  Please send us a short video or presentation demonstrating why you should win this award

This award highlights new technology within the vaping industry that changes or improves upon the status quo.  You can either send us your product or email us a short video/presentation explaining your product