Awards 2018

Vaping’s unparalleled ability to take (and keep) former smokers off cigarettes has been its defining triumph and contribution to public health on a global scale. A good tobacco taste can help keep an ex-smoker in good health

Outdoing Mother Nature may not be possible, but sometimes we come close. Putting an individual spin on familiar tastes is difficult for the best of us, and this award recognises those who defy those odds

Potent and pungent, the inclusion of menthols and mints has been yet another way we’ve outdone the tobacco industry. This award highlights the champion of a vaping-exclusive field

A good dessert has a special place in all our hearts; many of our favourites bring back childhood memories. The vape company that can translate this fondness to their e-liquids walks away with the recognition they deserve  

The agony of choice! We’ve all got our share of favourite sweets and chocolates in our lives; the vape company that can somehow unite us on the best sweet/chocolate liquid deserves all the praise they can get

Teas and coffees are among the oldest and most varied drinks in the world, covering countless cultures and mixed in countless ways. They’re an art form, and a good tea/coffee e-liquid is a special achievement

The Expo and awards are a time of celebration, and most of us enjoy a good cocktail for the occasion. This goes to the festive company that can recreate the magic all year round

For an e-liquid that gives a little more. CBD oil is one of the fastest-growing and most promising new trends in e-liquid manufacturing. Numerous vape companies have leapt on this opportunity, already providing a bounty of best sellers. This award will be given on multiple aspects

This one goes to the liquid that recreates that sweet sugar rush that perks you up first thing in the morning

Blogger of the Year will select the best gifted content creator from a huge number of thriving vape social media communities. It could be any self-made lover of vaping

The prestigious all-rounder that unites the best qualities of an extremely diverse e-liquid market: tasty, innovative, popular and always leaves you wanting more

No one gets work in a vape shop without knowledge and passion; vape shops are our direct link to helping millions stop smoking and discover the wonderful activity we all work on. Vape Shop of the Year will go to a true ambassador

And what would all our hard work on liquids and flavours be without a top-notch delivery system? This goes to the best regulated mod – which includes an integrated circuit, protecting the battery and device from overheating and will be judged on features, function and size

Companies that can master the simple yet effective end of technology get the nod here. Mech mods are mechanical devices which connect their battery to the atomiser directly through a metal interface. They are judged on aesthetics, ease of use and inventive design 

We’ll be stepping back and allowing the business to choose the winners for this one. All companies, manufacturers, shops and distributors – big or small, chain or independent, can submit their nominees and votes. If you’re in the vape industry, you’re eligible

Vape companies occupy a limitless space of eccentricity and inventiveness when it comes to selling themselves. The winner of such an award would distinguish themselves as the best of a great bunch 

Best Up and Coming Brand will go to the rising stars of the vape industry and leaders of tomorrow. Recognising potential is something vape companies do like no other  

Vaping is the least dull industry in the world, much of our festivities coming through trade shows which are as entertaining as they are informative

Industry Leader will go to the business carrying the torch for all of us and embodying the best of our shared goals and values

As much as we love to congratulate team efforts and cohesive companies, this award will go to an exceptional individual who has improved the function and image of the industry through their own efforts

Do a Google search for any vape trade show stand and you’ll see how stiff the competition is and how amazing it can get. The limits of the human imagination are the only limits imposed on a vape trade show stand

Advances in tech are the backbone of the vaping industry, helping us deliver stronger, safer and tastier e-liquids to the people who need them. Innovation in tech can be found all over the vaping industry, all over the world. This award honours companies who are improving mod technology for us in the most universal, essential ways.